Gun Cabinets Direct

How to Fit and Install a Gun Cabinet

Things for consideration before fixing your new gun cabinet in your chosen location:

1) Is the area you are fixing your cabinet flat?

2) Is there a skirting board?

3) Do you have your fixings and are they the correct oneís?

4) Is the access ok, i.e. can you open the door to get your guns out.

Make sure the fixing area is as flat as possible, if you have a skirting board and wish to make the difference up, a piece of wood behind the cabinet can make up the difference, ( please bear in mind that you may need to get some different fittings) from your local DIY store, as the oneís issued may be too short.

If you are not sure and require help, please donít hesitate to give us a call, or even call your local firearms officer, who will advise the best methods to use against your chosen wall or surface.

Once you know you have chosen the right location and fittings to suit here are the next steps you should follow as a guide.

1. Place the cabinet against the wall in the location you have chosen, open the door and mark it with a pen through the drill holes.

2. Move the gun cabinet away, you should have four drill holes marked out

3. Pick the correct drill size and start drilling the holes you have marked out ( be careful not to drill to deep)

4. Place the fixing in the holes you have drilled out, make sure itís a tight fit, so that the bolt does not spin

5. Place the cabinet back into place and make sure the holes line up and that you have drilled in the correct place.

6. Feed the bolts back onto the fixings in the wall through the cabinet and make sure you have all the bolts lined up

7. Start tightening them up till you have them all finger tight and happy.

8. Get an appropriate socket or spanner to fully tighten up the fixings in place.

9. Check the cabinet is secure, after doing so check the door operations and that you have full access of the cabinet.

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